About Us

Our Story

Onda Software Solutions was founded by two California Polytechnic graduates Hunter Singh and Joao Cavalcanti. Using their mutual knowledge of farming and computer science, the pair focus on addressing niche problems in the agricultural industry.

We are passionate about harnessing technology to solve unique business challenges. We specialize in creating custom software solutions that boost productivity and drive growth. Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive in a tech-driven future with innovative, user-friendly applications tailored to their specific needs. Join us in transforming industries and achieving success through cutting-edge technology.

CoFounders Joao and Hunter

Joao Cavalcanti was born and raised in Espirito Santo, Brazil. He initially studied aeronautical engineering but graduated at the top of his class in Computer Science. Joao has since spent years developing web applications for the world's largest education technology company, continually staying up to date with the latest industry tools. An incredible software engineer, Joao is also an endurance athlete. After retiring from Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, he now trains for and competes in marathons along the West Coast.

Hunter Singh grew up in a farming family, spending his high school summers working on a tractor or digging ditches. During college, he ran a large weed abatement business using goats to clear weeds and fire hazards along the Central Coast. After graduating, he worked in product development for a California seed dealer. Hunter took a gap year in Mexico, surfing and building a restaurant business that supports a local children's home. A self-taught programmer, he is driven to improve agriculture through technology. He believes all companies need to become tech companies in the coming decade and is dedicated to providing agricultural businesses with the resources to achieve this transformation.